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Curriculum Vitae

Dario Cavallo
Personal Informations:  Download my CV here !

     Date of birth: 21-01-1975
 Place of birth: Mondovì – (Cuneo) .
 Address: Via Marengo, 21 – 12081 Beinette – CN.

     Tel/Fax: +39 0171-384142
 Nationality / citizenship: Italy
 Gender: Male
 Car owner: Yes
 email:

Pre-university studies:

     1981-1989. Kind of primary school diploma: Italian primary school. Beinette - (Cuneo).

     1989-1993. Secondary school diploma: Liceo Artistico “Ego Bianchi” of
Cuneo. School-leaving examination mark: 52 Maximum attainable final mark: 60

     1993-1997. (Graduation date).

Academic studies:

Type of degree course: 1st level degree - Degree/Bachelor: Academy of Fine Arts “Albertina” of Turin. Painting Course: Teacher. Italo Bressan, Assistant. Roberto Villa
Official time limit for the degree course: 4 years. Final degree mark (ranging from 66 to 110): 110 (out of 110).
Dissertation/thesis title: “L’immagine elettronica e il suo rapporto con
1998-1999. Piedmont Region. Centro Europeo Modellisti Industriali
Professional Training Center (CFP) of Saluzzo – CN .
Certificate of Professional Qualification: “Tecnico di modellismo”
Stage: Pininfarina Centro Studi e Ricerche of Cambiano (Turin).
1999. STA Computergrafica of Turin. 3D Modeling Course for
automotive prototypes with Silicon Graphics and Alias Studio Tools.
Stage: Lancia of Turin.
2000. Consorzio Ge.S.A.C Expo – Cuneo.
Certificate of Attendance and Profit: “Cinematography Technician”
2000. Istituto Europeo Design of Turin. Web Animation Course.
Software: Flash 5.0, with Advanced ActionScripting..
2001. Azienda Formazione Professionale of Dronero AFP- CN. Web
Design Course. Softwares: Microsoft FrontPage; JavaScript; HTML
2001. Istituto Europeo Design of Turin. 3dsMax 3.1 Course with
Import/Export from/to Autocad.
Work experience
made during studies
technology skills
2002. VRMMP of Turin.. ( ) High Specialization Course
“Virtual Set Technician” with stage in “Pulsar” of Turin.
Experiences: Motion Capture. Softwares: 3DSMax 4.0 and Character
Studio, Maya 4.0, Kaydara Filmbox 3.2 and Advanced Programming of
Constraints, 3dMeNow Pro, Poser 4.0
2004. Academy of Fine Arts of Cuneo. Attendance for Specialization
Course; Title of Course: “Visual Arts and Discipline for the Performing
Paintings and Graphic Design
1994-2004. Personal Exhibition and National Competitions.
 Artworks, Scenography Sets, Airbrushes Works, Wall Paintings.
1994. Experimental Audiovisual Short inspired to Bill Viola Art and to
20s and 80s Vanguard Arts. Exposed to Cinema Massimo and Goethe
Institute of Turin.
1996. Biella. Audiovisual Short titled ”Human Anatomy” in
collaboration with Teacher. Paolo Belgioioso of Fine Arts Academy in
Turin. Description of the work: Interview “Light and Color” with the
famous physician Tullio Regge.
2001. Multimedia Park & Virtual Reality of Turin.
Workshop “Quattro Passi nel Virtuale”: Virtual Set Case Studies with
Orad RealTime
2002. Review - Tutorial number 11 and 12 of the magazine “CG
Computer Gazzette” Description: modeling with 3DS Max 4, of Michael
Jackson Character in the guise of a Rome gladiator, with the Reyes
metaballs plugin: ”MetaReyes”
2003-Today. Freelancer: Video Editing, Compositing, 3D Rendering & Animations,

Visual Effects &  Special FX, Web-Design.

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